sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012


At the Pakistani over, right beside the Indian hairdresser, and the whole neighborhood watching. Manu in the middle, Peter with the camera, Pablo beside him and me behind... 

Nick and Nora Alexander the Greats. Great with lights, cameras, cars, smiles...! 

Gauri, Nora and Asheek reflected

A Qatari today, the BEST Pakistani last night in the oven

 Our set last night... 

Lunch break in the apartment. Yes we shot 2 sequence shots: 5 and 8 minutes. All in one day. Average 20 takes per shot. We're still alive. 

 Pablo and his lights. 

Nick with the lights on the roof 

 The Fast and the Furious Doha style 

 My sister is Qatari. 

 15 takes. 


 Blanca and Isabelle. 

 Improvisation. Sweat. 

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